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Next generation programmable tracking tag
3-D, 3-meter indoor/outdoor location very low-cost durable, credit-card sized > 2 months battery life versatile tracking people and things

Wearable in applications like personnel contact tracing and embeddable for applications like asset tracking

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Solutions at Scale

Codepoint products and services offer solutions to critical needs in safety, security, and efficiency.

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Workplace Social Distancing

Most large companies will need to deploy technology to monitor compliance mandates for COVID19.

Hotel Staff Security and Efficiency

Lone worker security is a government requirement in some locations.

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Nursing Home Safety and Security

Staff, residents and important assets are more secure when they are easy to locate.

Asset Tracking / Location of Things

Seamless indoor/outdoor location capability reduces the need for multiple niche solutions supporting campus, regional, and global tracking needs.

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Our mission is to deliver versatile, cost-effective products and services for determining the location of things and people.

We combine the best-in class technologies with large scale manufacturing, providing a flexible platform for a wide breadth of applications and use-cases.

Codepoint and our partners are fundamentally changing the value proposition of track and trace: unleashing market demand.

- Michael Mathews, Codepoint President.