The Power of Partnership

Codepoint has assembled an ecosystem of partners providing ready-made components and services. Solution providers can choose from existing devices, networks, mapping, and location providers accelerating solution implementation. Codepoint partners support the CP-Flex™ architecture enabling implementors to realize their particular solution with minimum integration effort.

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LPWAN Providers

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EasyLinkin is a strategic partner and one of the top LoRaWAN service and LoRaWAN hardware provider. The company works with Codepoint helping develop and validate architecture and solutions.

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One of the largest cloud service provider in the world and a LoRaWAN supporting member. Tencent is building a large LoRaWAN network in China. Codepoint is working with Tencent to explore many exciting applications.

Ecosystem Partners

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One of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Changhong and Codepoint are working closely in designing the Nali product line. We have significantly reduced the need for solution providers to develop custom tracking tag, which typically do not perform as well, are high in cost, and not easy to scale.

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A leading provider of accurate global Cell ID and indoor Wi-Fi positioning complement or replace GPS in devices. Combain and Codepoint have created a seamless indoor and outdoor capability for Nali products.

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Tech Vedika

AI focused product engineering company. Tech Vedika brings more insights into big data analysis and business intelligent.

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Traxmate is a complete tracking software solution for employee safety and efficiency. The solution allows employees to call for help with the press of a button. Traxmate and Codepoint are working together to create provide a white labelled starter-kit product offering for solutions providers.

Become A Partner

Codepoint is looking for qualified partners to add their unique capabilities in the CP-Flex ecosystem. Our goal is to help customers realize the full potential of their solution. Please contact us for more information.

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